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Indian Removal Era

[For additional documents from the Alabama Department of Archives and History relating to the Second Creek War, 1836-1837, go to: http://www.archives.alabama.gov/timeline/1800/creek.html]

Executive Department, Ala.

Tuskaloosa April 17th 1837


I have the honor to enclose, herewith, a copy of a report of the operations of the troops, under the Command of Colo. Welborn, against the hostile Creek Indians, still remaining within the limits of Alabama. Of those who were encamped, and taken to Montgomery, preparatory to their removal West of the Mississippi, some escaped and returned to the Swamps of the Creek territory, where they united with others who had perhaps never made professions of friendship, or a willingness to emigrate. It is as you will perceive from Colo. Welborn's report, impossible to ascertain satisfactorily how many of these deluded Savages, are still lurking within our limits,--but I am conclusively satisfied, by information received not only from Colo. W, but from Major Genl. John P. Booth, commanding the 5th division (on whom, from personal knowledge, as well as his high character, I rely implicitly) that there are yet several hundreds dispersed into small parties, and infesting almost the whole Country, embraced by the Counties of Macon, Russell, Barbour, Pike + Dale to our southern boundary.

Finding this to be the Situation of the Country, and that the term, for which nearly all the troops had been mustered into service, was about to expire, and the Country to be left undefended, I have ordered into service from the 5th Division of Alabama Militia five companies of mounted men, fifty men each, besides Officers + noncommissioned officers, in addition to a company of Infantry, which I had ordered, to the Southern frontier, some weeks ago--to serve three months, unless sooner discharged. The troops required by the War Department, in January last were intended to have been mustered into service, for six months, under the act of Congress, approved on the 23d of May 1836, but they could not be obtained by voluntary enrollment, as contemplated by that act, and troops were, therefore raised and mustered into service for three months. I have therefore to request that you will direct the Commanding officer at Fort Mitchell to muster these and such other troops as may be necessarily called out, into service, and furnish them with arms, ammunition, and Subsistence.

Some troops, were also called out, at an early stage of the late disturbances, by the Commanding officer of the militia of Barbour County, who served a short time, to the great benefit of the inhabitants of that quarter of the State. I had given no orders but their services are not the less meritorious. I am now called upon to have this company mustered, discharged, + paid; I trust you will cause this also to be done by the Commanding officer at Fort Mitchell.

I am, Sir,
very respectfully
your obt Servt.
[signed:] C. C. Clay

[to:] Hon. J.R. Poinsett
Sec. of War
Washington City

Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. Governor C. C. Clay administrative records, SG6241 folder 7.