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Alabama's Black Leaders
During Reconstruction
Video documentary: Horace: The Bridge Builder King - Duration: 56:40 (Teacher Guide is available) Produced/Directed and Edited by Tom C. Lenard (334) 844-9362 www.auburn.edu/~lenartc.

A documentary by Auburn University Office of Information Technology- Media Production Group (Formerly, Auburn University Telecommunications). Available from the Alabama Humanities Resource Center (205-558-3980 or www.ahr.net).

Video or DVD copies can be provided at cost by contacting the film's producer/director Tom C. Lenard at (334) 703-3456, email: lenart@auburn.edu. The filmmaker is available to attend/speak at screenings of the film if desired.

Air dates are available from the Alabama Public Television's APT Classroom (1-800-239-5233).

In addition, at the Crawford Road Cemetery (Godwin Cemetery) in Phenix City, visitors can view the monument Horace King constructed in honor of John Godwin in 1859.